About us

About us

The lawyers at Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm are appointed by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark and are part of The Danish Bar and Law Society.

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm operates law firm from Skanderborgvej 238, Aarhus, Denmark.

The law firm is organized as a personally managed company under VAT number DK-38499971.

Contact information

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm
Skanderborgvej 238
DK-8260 Aarhus
Tlf.: 2871 4000
Mail: info@hudtloffviinberg.com

Bank information

We have client bank accounts in Sparekassen Vendsyssel. In case of bankruptcy, depositors will receive coverage under the Act on Guarantee Scheme for Depositors and Investors. The guarantee form covers the eligible insurer’s funds up to an amount equal to 100,000 euros (approximately 750,000 DKK). The coverage ceiling applies to the total deposit of the bank, even though the money is on different accounts, including on both client bank accounts and own accounts.

Audit and appeal

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is covered by The Danish Bar and Law Society’s supervisory and disciplinary system and the rules of good law of law, cf. Section 126 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. In addition, the legal rules issued by the law society apply.

In case of unsatisfactory advice from Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm, the client can contact Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg at any time.

The customer may lodge complaints about advice and the calculated fee for The Danish Bar and Law Society by contacting The Secretariat of The Danish Bar and Law Society, Kronprinsessegade 28, DK-1306 Copenhagen.

Business conditions

The terms and conditions apply to all assistance provided by Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm to the client, unless the client has entered into another written agreement with us for the particular assignment.
See our Terms of Service.