Business conditions

The terms and conditions apply to all assistance provided by Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm to the client, unless the client has entered into another written agreement with us for the specific assignment.

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm

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Skanderborgvej 238, 8260 Aarhus, Denmark.

Tel.: +45 2871 4000


Conflict of interest

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm has established rules and procedures aimed at addressing conflicts of interest. This implies that Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm prior to starting work for a client is investigating whether there are conflicts of interest which results in Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm being prevented from representing the client. To the extent deemed to be or potential conflicts of interest, the client will immediately be informed with the request to seek legal assistance elsewhere.


Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is required to process all information received by the client or received from the client confidentially. Everyone in Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is subject to an extended duty of confidentiality and in addition, Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm has security procedures forhandling all confidential material.

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm collaborates with the client in consultation with other clients on the execution of specific tasks and, at the client’s request, provides information to others about the forthcoming work.

The confidentiality obligation also applies after the completion of the work. The confidentiality obligation, however, applies with respect to applicable law, including the duty of disclosure to public authorities in relation to the Act on Preventive Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

The work

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm and the client continually agree on the extent of the work as well as the client and others’ contributions and services. The client as well as Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm may terminate the collaboration at any time, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm’s withdrawal of a client relationship will, with due regard to the Advocacy Rules, provide that a lawyer may not resign from a case insuch a manner and in such circumstances that the customer is severed from time to time without any other harmful effect to seek other legal assistance.

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm stores all files on archive for at least three years from the end of the case. Original documents that the client wishes to return is returned by the end of the work.


Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm sets the fee based on the workforce consumption, including the interest that the case represents for the client, the value of Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm’s services, the responsibility associated with the work, the complexity of the case, the degree of specialist knowledge, the result achieved and work out of normal working hours, unless a fixed fee has been agreed in writing.

Prior to commencement of work, the client will be informed,on request, of the size of the fee, if possible from the nature of the assignment. Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm may request the client to pay a deposit for our fee. Usually, work is billed monthly backwards. Payment terms are net 8 days from invoice date. In case of late payment, default interest is calculated in accordance with the rules in force at any time.

Supervision and appeal

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is covered by the Law Society’s supervisory and disciplinary system and the rules of good law of law, cf. Section 126 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. In addition, the legal rules issued by the law society apply. In case of unsatisfactory advice from Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm, the client can contact Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg at any time.

The customer may lodge complaints about advice and the calculated fee for the Advokatrådet by contacting the Advokatnævets sekretariat, Kronprinsessegade 28, 1306 København K.

Lawyer insurance

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is a liability insured via Dahlberg assurance at Lloyds London. Partners and employees are covered by the company’s guarantee scheme signed via Dahlberg assurance at Lloyds London. The liability insurance covers all advocacy work performed by Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm, where the law firm is exercised.

Limitation of Liability

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is responsible for the advice provided in accordance with Danish law’s general rules for any losses that the advisory may incur to the client, with the limitations set out below.

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is not responsible for operating loss, loss of time, data loss, loss of profit, loss of profits, goodwill, image or indirect loss or consequential loss.

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm’s responsibility for counseling is limited to 10 times the fee for the work performed, but a maximum of DKK 2,500,000.

The client can only claim claims against Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm and not against the individual partner or employee.

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is not responsible for any errors made by others as Hudtloff ViinbergLaw Firm has referred the client to, as Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm is not liable for any errors made by subcontractors which Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm has agreed upon with the client parts of the work to.

All amounts paid to Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm’s client accounts are deposited on client bank accounts in a Danish bank for the client’s bill and risk. Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm assumes no liability for amounts paid on Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm’s client bank accounts if the bank, where the amounts are paid, will be in need. Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm cannot be held liable if the bank is unable to repay any amounts paid to Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm’s client bank accounts.

Law and jurisdiction

Hudtloff Viinberg Law Firm’s advice and business terms are governed by Danish law.

Any disputes can only be brought before Danish courts.